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Sunshine Consulting

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Meta Physics

Law of Attraction

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If you soar high enough the sky is always blue.

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Faeriology is the study of Faeries in fiction, myth, and the first-hand accounts of people who have had Faerie encounters.

As a Faeriologist, I study any and everything regarding faeries, elementals and nature spirits of all kinds.

I provide services such as Faerie “readings” using Brian and Wendy Froud’s “Heart of the Faerie Divination deck” as well as answering yes/no questions with the use of my trusty pendulum.

These readings are for entertainment purposes, with the idea of bringing a little joy and uplifting of spirits.

I am available to give lectures on subjects such as; “What is Faeriology”, “The relevance of faeries in the 21st century”.

I enjoy doing guest appearances  at events dressed in my faerie attire and answering questions and telling stories about faeries.

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